Welcome to the gallery of my Dream is Destiny series. This series emerged when I lived in Den Haag, The Netherlands and often went to the beach during the off-seasons to take photographs when the beach would mostly be abandoned.

Dream is Destiny is a collection of photos that depict mostly individual figures embarking on their own personal journey. Most of the time when I was taking the photos for this gallery, I was by myself and more often than not, stuck in my own thoughts and reality. I often found myself travelling in a dreamlike state, observing the lonely figures I would encounter from afar that I have since started calling my dream characters.

As I no longer live in Den Haag nowadays and thus won't be frequenting the beach on a regular basis anymore, I consider this series to be concluded. Maybe when I do go back to the beach one day and make more photos with a similar atmosphere, I will add more to this gallery. There's a bigger chance that I'll just leave this series for what it is and what it has meant to me and start a whole new series instead though.

All photos in this gallery lack the EXIF data, because some of photos are nearly a decade old and I can't find the exact data of the individual shots anymore on account of having lost some of the source images thanks to a corrupt HDD.

Hopefully you will like what you see on this website, because this is in my opinion the best I have to offer so far. If you do like it and you're interested in the rest of my photos, you can generally find them on my Facebook and Instagram.

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