Welcome to my Landscapes and Sceneries gallery. In this section of my website you will find a selection of the finest landscape and scenery photos that I have taken so far on my journey. The photos that I have picked are the ones that have given me the most satisfaction in one way or another and that I'm proud of the most.

As time progresses and my collection of photos expands, I will add more photos to the gallery. I like all the photos that I've selected so far, but at the same time I understand that not every single photo can be considered equal in terms of quality. So if I feel the gallery is getting too crowded, I will replace the ones that I personally think are of a lower quality than the ones I'm replacing it with.

I have made a lot more photos than I'm showcasing on this website and sometimes it's hard to make the decision of which photos to display and which not to display.

Hopefully you will like what you see on this website, because this is in my opinion the best I have to offer so far. If you do like it and you're interested in the rest of my photos, you can generally find them on my Facebook and Instagram.

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